AOH portrait: Gene Spilker

Gene Spilker sings during a rehearsal in April 2013. (Photo by Joel Currier)

Gene Spilker is a third-generation barbershopper and has been an Ambassador for 22 years. Gene is a licensed chiropractor and instructor at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. "I am inspired by the risk takers...all the honest, loving, humble and strong. I enjoy the emotional exchange shared with the audience and the performer," he said. "I'm honored to have an outlet that provides life lessons and personal achievement." Gene says his favorite Ambassador moment is a three way tie. Sharing the contest stage in 2009 with his son, Gene and stepfather David Wright; performing with AOH at the BABS convention in 2006. "And lastly, in 2004, there was a moment in the warmup room, just before our championship performance, where there was nothing more to say and the chorus was complete...even before stepping on stage. The entire room had such fulfillment and synergy. That is what defines the essence of this chorus."

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