AOH portrait: Jake Teasley

Jacob Cameron Evans-Teasley (Photo by Joel Currier)

Jacob Cameron Evans-Teasley...lives in St. Louis and currently attends UMSL, studying music with Dr. Jim Henry. Jacob has been an Ambassador for three years and a front row mainstay for just as long! He cites Dr. Henry, David Wright, Eric well as Vocal Spectrum, Gas House Gang and Musical Island Boys among his barbershop heroes.

When asked about his favorite Ambassador moment, Jacob passionately explained, "there were so many moments in Portland, Oregon that not only humbled me as a individual and musician, but also made me realize what the power of music can do and how it can affect peoples lives. The Ambassadors of Harmony, and barbershop itself, has helped me become more of a man than I would have ever believed. And, the best part of it is...with every moment singing this amazing style of music, there are brothers who stick by you through it all. Barbershop is much more than just a 'hobby'...and the Ambassadors aren't just a chorus...they're a family. I believe I now understand the true meaning of a 'Gold Medal Moment.'"

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