AOH portrait: Tom Gassner

Tom Gassner (Photo by Joel Currier)

Tom Gassner (Photo by Joel Currier)

 Thomas Ambassador member for six years, is an independent technical director for corporate meetings and events. Tom received his BA in acting from Webster Conservatory of Theater Arts, '77 and now resides in Saint Clair, Missouri. He lists Andrea Bocelli and John Denver as his musical inspirations, citing the "pure emotion in their voices."

"Winning the gold in Anaheim has been my favorite and most memorable Ambassador moment thus far," he said.

Tom is an amazing and invaluable asset to our chorus, having served as art director, production designer, etc. for all of the Ambassadors' performances. When something seems totally impossible--anyone remember the anti-gravity lean in Step In Time...or the magically appearing band instruments during 76 Trombones?--well, that was all Tom.

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