Join us--Enrich Lives, Including Yours!

Imagine you were flipping through the want ads and saw the following: "Aspiring VLC (Very Large Chorus) seeks motivated SM (Singing Males) who enjoy travel, applause, camaraderie." Would your ears perk up? If that's you, come check out the Ambassadors of Harmony on Thursday, March 31. Guest Night is a high-energy introduction to harmony, overtones, and Barbershop Music!  At the very least it is a chance to sing with an amazing bunch of vocalists, and get a free (group) voice lesson to boot! At the most, it will be a transformative moment in your life which you will look back on and wish you had discovered sooner. Seriously--7pm, March 31, 2016, Memorial Hall at Blanchette Park--BE THERE! For more info, go to:

The Ambassadors of Harmony + You = Awesome!

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