St. Louis Singers Win International A Cappella Competition

NASHVILLE - Chiropractors. Cooks. Teachers. Students. One-hundred and thirty men from all walks of life have been brought together by their love of singing. They sing together as The Ambassadors of Harmony every Thursday night at the Memorial Hall at Blanchette Park in St. Charles, and have one goal in mind--to change lives through music. On July 8th, 2016 they presented their set to the fifteen-person judging panel and 8,000-strong audience inside the Bridgestone Arena and brought home the gold medal as the best chorus of 2016.

Photo: Lorin May

Photo: Lorin May

This year the Ambassadors sang a ballad from the Sound of Music, Something Good, and an uptune medley, Top of the World, combining Sitting on Top of the World and the Carpenter's Top of the World. The uptune has already been shared on YouTube:

They competed against twenty-eight other qualifying choruses and topped the scoring with a 96.8% tally. Their electrifying set brought the audience to their feet twice and secured their fourth gold-medal on the international Stage. The second-place finisher was also a midwestern powerhouse, Kansas City's own Central Standard Chorus. The choruses participating in the contest were all members of the Barbershop Harmony Society, which has member choruses in the U.S., Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The chorus will be singing again this evening at Bridgestone Arena along with 2016 Grammy winners The Fairfield Four and other award-winning BHS groups at the Saturday Spectacular.

The chorus is co-directed by Jim Henry (2009 BHS quartet gold medalist with Crossroads) and Jonny Moroni (2005 BHS quartet gold medalist with Vocal Spectrum).

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