Heritage: restoring one of the old songs

When AOH reconvened after Toronto, the chorus decided to take things up a notch. Jonny Moroni and Jim Henry led the charge, calling it AOH 2.0. It stands for Accountability, Ongoingness (is that a word?) and Heritage. In short, it's a chance for members to recommit themselves to doing everything better including showing up on time to rehearsals, coming better prepared, doing more to spread awareness of the artform and honoring barbershop's history and evolution.

THEIR BEST FOOT FORWARD: Co-directors Jonny Moroni and Jim Henry review voice parts of "Keep the Whole World Singing" at rehearsal on Thursday, Sept 12, 2013. (Photo by Joel Currier)

On Thursday night, we focused on heritage by pulling out the sheet music to the song every barbershop singer knows: Keep the Whole World Singing. It's the song most barbershoppers sing to end gatherings. Most of the chorus had never actually looked at the sheet music before.....and it showed. We discovered notes and chords not heard in years, or perhaps ever.

So, keep the whole world singing....all day long!

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